In 2010, the Da`wah-Focused Network was launched as a project of the Islam Presentation Community (IPC), under the Electronic Da`wah section.

2012 witnessed the birth of the E-Da`wah Committee (EDC) to be the first specialized online da`wah committee.

In light of God’s words “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction”  ( 16:125) and acting on the  Prophet’s (peace be upon him) hadith “Convey from me, even one verse.” (Al-Bukhari), the EDC, affiliated to the Al-Najat Charity Society, has taken upon its shoulders the responsibility  of conveying the message of God in all possible means.

Integrating new technologies into the da`wah work, the EDC has launched specialized web sites, e-production, smartphones apps, being now the biggest, one of a kind, electronic da`wah project in the world.

In efforts to help Muslims get informed about their religion and properly presenting its universal message to the whole world, the EDC plays a critical role, particularly with these facts in mind:

  • The significant increase in the number of truth seekers; those who are curious about Islam and searching for truth
  • The global trend of an increasing number of converts to Islam
  • The easy access to information through a wide range ofelectronic technologies and e-learning

 The E-Da`wah Committee seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1- Presenting Islam to non-Muslims

2- Teaching new Muslims

3- Teaching and raising awareness among Muslims

4- Developing the skills of da`iyahs (callers to Islam)

5- Teaching Arabic

This will be done by consolidating the Islamic identity for Muslims according to a moderate approach, building bridges of cultural communication and developing the culture of constructive dialogue and respect for religions.

Watch this video to know more about the activities of the EDC: