Islamic Content Archive For The Faith

January 25th, 2017|Software-based Da`wah|

The Faith introduces Islam to non-Muslims. It provides information about the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, and Islamic civilization.

Islamic Content Archive For Dawah Skills

January 25th, 2017|Software-based Da`wah|

Dawah Skills is an online source of information and a professional training platform for those engaged in Dawah (calling to Islam) activities.

EDC latest posts

January 25th, 2017|delete, Software-based Da`wah|

EDC Latest Posts Script is a free, da`wah-based, fast-to-browse, compact script which contains many topics including their direct links.

Quran Radio

June 2nd, 2014|Software-based Da`wah|

Quran Radio plugin is the 1st WordPress Plugin that allows you to add a widget that plays an online Radio station for the translation of the meaning of Quran.

Islamic Books by EDC

June 2nd, 2014|Software-based Da`wah|

The Islamic Books Plugin by EDC endeavors to be a unique comprehensive online store of free downloadable PDF books about Islam, Muslims, and other faiths in different languages, powered by EDC (e-Da`wah Committee). Features: Free plugin More than 6000 books in PDF Format Books are available in 88 languages Direct download via Google Docs Viewer [...]

Islam Beyond Borders Script

June 2nd, 2014|Software-based Da`wah|

This script contains more than 2500 articles and videos all in English as well as 35 radio stations for the translation of the meanings of the Qur’an.