The Joint Da`wah Campaign was launched on Monday, 6, May, 2013, and included the following sides:

1. E-Da`wah Committee owned by Al-Najat Charity Society, Kuwait.

2. E-Dialogue Centre – Saudi Arabia

3. The Right Islam Website – Saudi Arabia

Praise be to Allah, all the participants worked on the first joint campaign with the aim of calling non-Muslims to Islam. We believe that what culminates our success is the fruitful participation of the specialized electronic Da`wah institutions in working together to achieve the shared Da`wah objectives. That day coincided with the Easter of the Orthodox doctrine.

The campaign had the following components:

1. Preparation (idea – target audience – content – work plan).

2. The technical side on twitter, such as the spread rate, leading hashtags and others.

3. Coordination.

4. Measuring performance and results.

The Tools Used in the Da`wah Campaign

1. Twitter.

2. Youtube.

3. Online Chat.

4. Da`wah Sites.

The campaign was launched through three major English accounts representing the three participants, namely:




The E- Da`wah Committee supported the campaign with 50 accounts with 584840 followers.

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Areefi supported the E-Dialogue Centre account with 4.5 million followers.


Three types of hashtags were used:

1. International (#USA #UK)

2. Da`wah (#iloveJesus #Easter)

3. Sports (#FFC #LFC #ACF #MUFC)


The E-Dialogue Centre took the lead in acquiring advanced places in the most used hashtags and in the list of pictures and videos. Then, the E-Da`wah Committee comes and after that the Right Islam website.


  • The total number of the retweets of the participating seven accounts was (14308), representing 100%.
  • The E-Dialogue Centre topped the participants regarding the retweets, with 8925 retweets, representing 61% of the total number of the retweets.
  • The E-Da`wah Committee got 4398 retweets, representing 31% of the total retweets of the campaign.
  • The Right Islam Network got a number of 885 retweets, representing 6 % of the total number of the retweets.

Growth rate of followers:            

  • The Right Islam Network got the highest growth rate of 110%.
  • The E-Dialogue Centre got a growth rate of 21.4%.
  • The E-Da`wah Committee got a growth rate of 9.4%.

Growth rate of followers in numbers:

The E-Dialogue Centre won the first place in the increase of the number of followers who exceeded 6000 followers, followed by the Right Islam Network with more than 600 followers. The E-Da`wah Committee achieved an increase of 500 followers.

Number of the Right Islam Network visits :

  • The number of visits to the Right Islam Website (English version) during the campaign reached twenty-two thousands with an increase of 320%.
  • The number of the visitors to the same website (Arabic version) during the campaign reached 8800 visitors with an increase of 120%.

Visits of Online Chat:

2740 persons visited the E-Dialogue Centre from 170 states, 137 among them entered into conversation. Thanks to Allah, 5 of them embraced Islam.

Video Views:

The number of video views on Youtube Channel of the E-Da`wah Committee has reached 1770, 65% of the views were via smart phones and the total viewing time reached 2661 minutes from fifty-nine countries.