Description of the App

Quran Radios is one of the Apps developed by the E-Da`wah Committee (EDC), owned by the Al-Najat Charity Society, Kuwait.
1- Spreading the Qur’an among as large audience as possible,
2- Cementing the relationship of Muslims and new Muslims with the Qur’an through listening to it anywhere they may go, and
3- Acquainting Non-Muslims with the tolerant teachings of the Qur’an through the translation of its meanings into their mother languages.
Available translations:
Arabic recitation by famous reciters, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Bosnian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Hindi, Tagalog, Malayalam, Telugu, Thai, Greek, Sinhalese, Bengali, Albanian, Indonesian, Kashmiri, Uyghur, Tamazight, Kannada, Hungarian, Oromo, Tamil, Urdu, Somali, Nigerian, Malay, Amharic, Yoruba, Persian, and more.
This is in addition five radios for the exegesis (tafsir) of the Qur’an by Al-Sharawi, Al-Sadi (Arabic and Russian), Tafsir in Fulani, Tafsir in Amharic and one radio for the Fatwas of Ibn `Uthaymin.
Target Audience:
New Muslims

To Download:

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