Allah has guided a whole five-member family from Bolivia, located in the continent of South America, and a 19-year-old young man from Colombian towards the truth after they knew about the great Islamic principles in the Spanish language through the E-Da`wah Committee’s live chat qualified da`iah (caller to Islam), Deputy Manager of the Kuwaiti Al-Najat Charity Society, Dr. Jamal Al-Shatti, announced.

About their conversion story Al-Shatti continued, “Firstly, praise be to Allah (Exalted be He) Who enabled us to serve His religion and spread His message. Secondly, the EDC makes every effort to use its online platforms to present Islam to non-Muslims.

“The Bolivian family’s conversion story began at the weekend when Hector, the Bolivian family man, saw a Facebook Ad on how to convert to Islam. Delivering a clear, simple and appealing message, the Ad was received positively-what made Hector click on and contact the da`iyah who welcomed him and received his questions about Islam”, Al-Shatti continued.

“Hector, then a Christian, began asking about the Qur’an and its impact and influence on the life of the Muslim, then he asked about God (Exalted be He) and His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
“After getting persuasive and interesting answers to his many questions, Hector revealed that Islam appealed to his family, which had been reading attentively the chat, and they all want to be Muslims. So they uttered the Shahadah and promised to introduce what they learned about Islam and its principles to their community.
“The family consists of 54-year old Hector, his father (86), his wife (44), his son (18) and his daughter (17),” Al-Shatti added.
“It’s all due to Allah’s grace and favor and the enormous efforts of the EDC’s teamwork, supporters and success partners.
“The Live Chat Service which the EDC launched two years and half ago is available now in three languages; English, Spanish and Tagalog. Thanks to its various communication tools with its followers via social media platforms as well as the EDC’s widespread official social accounts on WhatsApp and on its high-traffic website “” and its connected Twitter and Facebook accounts the number of Muslim converts has reached 550 from 59 countries around the world.” Al-Shatti clarified.


Dr. Jamal concluded that “from all EDC’s projects and services we ask the benevolent hands of our nation to support  this very Live Chat service as with every single person guided by Allah through you, Allah records for you better than anything over which the sun rises or sets.”

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