The Deputy General Manager of Al-Najat Charity Society, Dr. Jamal Al-Shatti, stated that the E-Da`wah Committee affiliated to Al-Najat Society works on preserving its pioneering of the internet according to the latest studies and researches specialized in comparative religion and the numbers of religions followers around the world.


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The Committed anxiously followed up the studies and researches that demonstrate significant increase in the numbers of skeptics and atheists around the world which asserted that the conversion to skepticism and atheism is the most widespread from among all other faiths in today’s world. Moreover, it is disclosed that the share of Arab and Muslim world of this trend is unexpectedly great, as a result of the influence of some Arabs and Muslims with some Western ideas that are actually based on flimsy theories.

Among its contributions to take part in confronting this issue, the E-Da`wah Committee launched a website and developed an application for introducing Islam to the skeptics and atheists around the world, including the Arabic language along with (English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian). The Committee thus partakes in answering all the questions and inquiries of skeptics and atheists.

Al-Shatti illustrated that introducing Islam to this category of audience specifically needs that the Da`iyah (caller to Islam) possess special persuasive and communicative capacities in dealing with the skeptic as those people are not satisfied with any religious or Islamic evidence but most of their arguments are based only on scientific theories that they believe in their authenticity and moderation, despite their still being not more than theories subject for research rules, are liable validation or invalidation and have not yet reached the stage of scientific facts. Therefore, the EDC team tries to stick to the scientific dialogue aided by facts admitted by Islam and the verses of the Qur’an as well as the sound logic.

Al-Shatti pointed to the difficulty of communicating with atheists especially because they are completely tenacious of their views and the disbelief in the existence of God owing to the lack of visible or tangible evidence for that from their point of view. However, this is very unfortunate because the existence of God is so clear that needs no evidence. The EDC team reflects on refuting and answering all these misleading doubts, and proves the Existence of God, His Oneness and Perfect Knowledge based on the rational and logical evidence that rely on the sequence of proper persuasion.

Al-Shatti summoned the honorable donators and the openhanded to carry the trust of Da`wah along with the E-Da`wah Committee by supporting the applications of the Committee, taking into consideration that the cost of this application is 1500 KDs.

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