The App Targets More than One Billion and 300 Million Muslims around the World

The Deputy General Manager of Al-Najat Charity Society, Dr. Jamal Al-Shatti, stated that the E-Da`wah Committee has launched a new application for clarifying the whole pillars and obligations of prayer in both Arabic and English. Prayer is the second pillar of Islam, the most mandatory obligation upon Muslims which distinguishes between the strong and weak faith in the heart of every Muslim, and the first of the acts of worship to be learned by the new converts and the youth to have a sound Islamic upbringing.
Al-Shatti stressed that this application opertes in two languages English and Arabic, as English is the most common language among the new converts. Therefore, the Committee was keen to commence with teaching the new converts the basic pillar of and cornerstone of Islam, namely Prayer, in which a Muslim converses with His Lord and prostrates before Him 5 times in the day and night, next to announcing the testimony of faith and starting practicing the religion.


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However, the Arabic version of the App was initially dedicated to teach the youth the pillars and obligations of purification and Prayer but shortly after the launch of the project, the EDC team noticed a significant increase in the number of Muslim visitors of the website from all ages and countries who introduced numerous inquiries about matters related to purification and prayer. This prompted the editorial administration of the site to supply the site and application with different materials related to purification and prayer that fit all ages and provide perfect answers to all the frequently asked questions as well as the inquiries received from the site’s mail.
Al-Shatti illustrated that the site and the application are fostered with a number of very distinguished Islamic audios and video. Moreover, the E-Da`wah Committee has been keen to keep the site away from the Fiqh-related differences and interpretations, and therefore only the certified reliable Fatwas are quoted on the website, which do not bear any kind of jurisprudential or doctrinal disagreement, since the strategy of the Committee is based on the rejection of intolerance and dispute, and supporting unity and adherence to the Qur’an and Sunnah.
Al-Shatti clarified that the diversity of the website’s contents and media materials in readable, audible and visible materials, puts it at the top of search results on the search engines from among the other sites devoted for prayer in Islam due to the diversity of its content which makes it more convenient for all ages. Moreover, the topic of the site and the application makes the site at the top of all Muslims’ interest being associated with prayer, the landmark of Islam.
Al-Shatti concluded by offering thanks and praise to the donators and good-doers from the good people of Kuwait who support the activities and services directed to introducing Islam and teaching the new converts. He summoned the honorable donators and the openhanded to carry the trust of Da`wah along with the E-Da`wah Committee by supporting the applications of the Committee, taking into consideration that the cost of this application is 1500 KDs.
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