Dr. Abdullah Alajeel, chairman of E-Da`wah Committee affiliated to Al-Najat Charity Society, announced that the Committee has launched the first Da`wah App for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad titled “Da`wah Skills”. He pointed out that the application contains many skills and tools that help the caller (da`iyah) and those interested in making Da`wah to develop their Da`wah skills and provide them with information and different resources.

Alajeel added that it is the first application that aims to assist those interested in Da`wah by helping them to develop their skills and manage Da`wah priorities, and providing them with different Da`wah materials. The App also provides information about Islam, its message, its objectives, and how to perform the duty of calling to Allah properly.

He pointed out that the App also helps the callers to Islam to refute the misconceptions raised by non-Muslims about Islam.

Alajeel calls on the callers to Islam and those interested in Da`wah to download the App available on this linkhttp://goo.gl/n7eBV to learn more skills and tools in making Da`wah both Muslims and non-Muslims.