Kuwait- The E-Da`wah Committee project  “Muhammad: You Must Know This Man” was recently released in response to the inflammatory film on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that has witnessed great global interest, Al-Najat Charity Society declared.

Al-Najat, in a statement today, pointed out that its E-Da`wah Committee offers access to a wealth of information about the life of the Prophet in many world languages, with a special focus on New Muslims who are a priority in that concern.

The campaign consists of several articles and pages on the biography, character, and teachings of the beloved Prophet, and his impact on humanity as well, in addition to six videos that address and refute misconceptions about Prophet Mohammad in the inflammatory film.

There is also a special section dedicated to testimonies by non-Muslims about the ethics and morals of the Prophet, and what a guidance he was for a lot of new Muslims and even for Western scientists in areas of environment, education, social justice, women rights in Islam and public health.

Also, six videos were produced to answer some of the most pressing and most repeated questions and accusations promoted by anti-Islamic media, and they could be viewed on the New Muslim’s website and on a YouTube channel.

The videos covered issues such as Islam’s stand on violence, the Book of Allah (the Qur’an), the Prophet’s personality and mercy, the love for the Prophet; how it is the honor of Muslims, and how and why they’d sacrifice their souls for him, the Charity stated.

The campaign all provides opportunity for visitors to post questions and inquiries about Islam and Muslims which are to be answered by a specialized team and then posted in many languages, the statement pointed out.

Here is a link to the campaign: http://www.new-muslims.info/abcs-of-islam/articles-of-faith/muhammad/.