Highly Qualified Editors Needed

The EDC (E-Da`wah Committee) is looking for editors, with a good sense of what makes an interesting article.

You will plan, coordinate, review and edit content. The goal is to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content.

Job description:

  • Participate in the editorial process under the supervision of the E-Da`wah Committee’s Editor in Chief.
  • Prepare edited articles for the publication process.
  • Check content for accuracy.
  • Prepare material for multimedia production in coordination with the developemt department.
  • Present the website to visitors, contacts.
  • Interact with the EDC’s staff by providing ideas for the EDC’s various projects.
  • Prepare any reports related to the EDC’s activities.
  • Organize and update the EDC’s database of contacts and writers.
  • Correspond with the EDC’s contacts and writers.
  • Participate in the website’s offline activities including attending/covering events and conferences related to the website’s interests. This may include travel.
  • Respond to feedback that reaches the website.
  • Oversee layout (images, graphics, videos and artwork).
  • Use SEO and social media• Monitor website’s traffic to measure popularity.
  • Keep track of developments in web technology.


  1. Possess very good Islamic knowledge and da`wah experience.
  2. Have an excellent command of the English language, especially writing and research skills.
  3. Have experience in dealing with different cultures; Be sensitive to people with different creeds and worldviews and be broadminded in approaches to da`wah.
  4. High communication skills.
  5. Have an appropriate BA degree or higher (preferably in the humanities).
  6. In-depth knowledge of SEO
  7. Attention to details
  8. Have excellent computer and Internet skills.
  9. Be able to work in a team and alone.

Please send your CV to: info@edc.org.kw